Learning Hub ‘Horse Outside’ Project is a Huge Success


by Mark Allen

Learning Hub pupils and volunteers helped paint numerous Iconic Urban Horses yesterday evening as part of Limerick City of Culture’s ‘Horse Outside’ project.

The ‘Horse Outside’ project consists of 15 hollow horses with many unique designs created by schools and colleges all over Limerick.

The Iconic Urban Horses will be displayed in The Peoples Park between the 19th and 31st of September of this year for all the public to see.

The horses were made using CAD drawings and 3D printers in the University of Limerick; they were also sourced locally and Limerick merchants supplied all materials.

Learning Hub participants spent three days painting a dark horse dotted with golden stars as well as a slightly stranger looking horse covered in colorful shoe patterns.


When on display, the public is encouraged to interact with the horses.

Although they are carefully crafted, the horses may be used as a resting area on hot days out, weather permitting of coarse.

At the end of the exhibition, the horses will be donated to various colleges, schools and youth centers all over Limerick.

Here’s hoping one will be donated to the Learning Hub for the valiant effort of all our pupils!


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