Month: June 2014

Learning Hub ‘Horse Outside’ Project is a Huge Success


by Mark Allen

Learning Hub pupils and volunteers helped paint numerous Iconic Urban Horses yesterday evening as part of Limerick City of Culture’s ‘Horse Outside’ project.

The ‘Horse Outside’ project consists of 15 hollow horses with many unique designs created by schools and colleges all over Limerick.

The Iconic Urban Horses will be displayed in The Peoples Park between the 19th and 31st of September of this year for all the public to see.

The horses were made using CAD drawings and 3D printers in the University of Limerick; they were also sourced locally and Limerick merchants supplied all materials.

Learning Hub participants spent three days painting a dark horse dotted with golden stars as well as a slightly stranger looking horse covered in colorful shoe patterns.


When on display, the public is encouraged to interact with the horses.

Although they are carefully crafted, the horses may be used as a resting area on hot days out, weather permitting of coarse.

At the end of the exhibition, the horses will be donated to various colleges, schools and youth centers all over Limerick.

Here’s hoping one will be donated to the Learning Hub for the valiant effort of all our pupils!



New Volunteers begin placement

The new coop students arrived at the beginning of this month, on Monday the 9th of June and were swiftly introduced to life at the Learning Hub.

The team is made up of nine UL students studying courses such as Music, Media and Performance Technology, Irish Music and Dance, and Journalism and New Media.

The students had two days to settle in and prepare for participating in the StoryHub and the ScienceHub with 5th and 6th class students from Educate Together Mumgret.


The primary school students were split into two groups with one half going to the StoryHub to get their imagination going.

There the kids came up with a list of crazy characters like a two headed giraffe dragon to write about but eventually decided to settle on Alob, the talking door who wished to become a human again.

The finished story got the seal of approval from the Learning Hub’s publisher Mr Crabtree and is now available at all good book stores.

Meanwhile the other group of 5th and 6th class students experienced the wonders of the ScienceHub. An experiment about chemical energy involved setting Pringles and crackers on fire (safely). They also examined the effects of heat energy on different metals, and how solar power can be used to move objects. 


The next day the groups swapped places and the StoryHub’s new residents didn’t disappoint.

Their story revolved around a two headed, shaved purple goat named Joe who must defeat the evil Haunted Dorito to reclaim his family. That story was also published and Mr Crabtree said it was “very impressive and imaginative”.


Super Magic Science Show and Creative Writing at the Learning Hub

by Mark Allen

Second Class students from Corpus Christi in Moyross enjoyed the magical aspect of science, when they came to the Learning Hub this morning.

Our very own scientist/mad professor Sean O’Brien took charge as he displayed the wonders of science to an eager crowd.

With the help of his magic genie Stephen Savage, Mad Scientist Sean wowed students as he showed pupils how dragons breath fire, how to make elephants toothpaste and the exploding whoosh bottle.


Stephen Savage, dubbed Stephen “The Irresponsible” Genie by the Mad Scientist and his second class students, put in a valiant performance as an assistant, as laughter and shrieks of excitement echoed across the room with each passing experiment.


Meanwhile in the StoryHub, hosted by Aaron Corless, students and staff took advantage of the good weather and began the day with a game of Chinese Whispers outside the Hub.

This game is aimed at teaching students the importance of writing down ideas, so they don’t forget their thoughts when they begin writing stories.

After this, a game of Let’s Play (similar to Simon Says)  and creative drawing on the flip charts began, allowing children to use their imagination to create whimsical characters.

When the heat began to overwhelm both staff and students, StoryHub was moved inside, where pupils began to create their own stories.

Many stories involved tall tales about princes, princesses, footballers and superheroes that began many quests to save villagers and citizens a like, from Limerick and all over the world.