Story Hub.

      Story hub is a programme set up by the Learning Hub to encourage children to use their imagination and write stories. We have been apart of story hub for the last three months. We all meet inside the didgihub with children usually in 4th, 5th and 6th class. Different schools come each week on Wednesday and Thursday. Usually, we get classes of about twenty children. Ten children go to science hub and ten go to story hub. The group of children that went to science hub on a Wednesday, then go to story hub on the Thursday and visa versa. It is a great way for the children to get a variety of both Science and English in a fun way. In Science hub, they take part in fun and educational experiments. In story hub, the children begin by sitting on a comfortable mat close to the board. They first take part in chinese whispers. This is a great way to show the students that people forget things that we do not write down. 

   After Chinese whispers, the children are able to write on the clip board. They come up one by one and are able to either draw a picture, doodle or write down words. This helps them to use their imagination and also shows them that in the space of a few moments something boring i.e. a blank page can be converted into something with loads of ideas and interesting aspects on it. The children often have fun getting the chance to draw up things that they like. It shows that English can be fun and that everyone should use their imagination because it creates something new and exciting. 

 After drawing on the clipboard, the children get a chance to give ideas to put in the story. Each student puts up their hand and gives ideas that they have for characters. We get a lot of funny characters and the children often have fun together coming up with them. Story hub is also a great way to boost student’s confidence because everyone gets a chance to give their opinion and we often prompt the students to come up with ideas and reassure them that they will not be judged and that any characters are accepted (except for violent ones or un original ones). After the students give their ideas about the characters and about the events that will happen in the start of the story, they then get split up into groups of three or four. 

   Each of us goes with a group and helps them either to spell, with ideas or just to reassure them that they can write a story and that they should use their imagination. We are also assigned roles such as illustrator, typer and completing the indesign. These are all essential roles in writing a story. When the students are split up into groups they complete the story and are able to draw their own pictures to go with it. They write great stories and it’s a perfect way to give them a chance to show their potential. After the stories are printed and completed, they are sent to the schools to give to the students. The students get very excited when they get these stories. They often say in story hub that they cannot wait for their stories to be given to them. They also say that they can’t wait to show their parents. This is great to be apart of and great to see that they see their own potential and that their ideas are brought to life. 



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