Week 3 – Learning Hub.

At first we were nervous about starting in the Learning hub because none of us knew each other and it would be a total different atmosphere to college. We arrived on the 7th of January and got a tour of the Leaning hub and all of the different rooms where the activities took place. We got a chance to get to know the different people who run the hubs. Everyone was very helpful and friendly which made it a lot easier to settle in. The first week we were being told what we would be doing over the next couple of weeks. We were excited to start activities and meet the children. We also were given very interesting projects to do with nutrition and to come up with ideas for a Youth Cafe. We thought these ideas of a youth cafe and the nutrition project were very good ideas because it would educate the children here about their health and would give them something to do.


The Learning hub allows children to use their imagination through story hub i.e. making up stories and it helps them to see what they are good at or enjoy by taking part in so many other activities such as kickboxing, art hub and science hub. It is a great way to show children what they are good at and what they enjoy. On Monday, We took part in Music hub. Music hub is split into different groups such as ukulele, music technology, guitar, singing, piano and drums. We collected 2 euro before this hub and took names of who was there. we then joined in in the singing and watched the children play different instruments. They were very enthusiastic. We also went to kick boxing on Monday. The children all were very enthusiastic about this, some of them even had earned different belts. We got a great kick out of this ;). We also went to art hub and got to see the children’s art work and drawings. They’re very creative.


On Tuesday, we helped make paper machee wild bees and decorated umbrellas for the st. Patrick’s day parade. We then worked on the youth cafe project again. Ping pong club was also on. On Wednesday, we took part in story hub we were all given different roles i.e. an illustrator, writer, a typer and prompters. The kids had great ideas and we got to know the children more. It’s a great way to encourage them to use their imagination and to enjoy English more. There was also a science hub on that day where they did many experiments but we will get to do that next week as we were all split into groups. Kickboxing was on again. On Thursday, We worked on our project again and we began to prepare for the swipe event.


It was a busy week but was enjoyable and we finally got to meet the children.

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