Fun at Art Hub!

Art Hub is run every Monday and Wednesday by our wonderful art teacher, Lisa Watters.

The Learning Hub Limericks Art Hub did an amazing project on the Eradication of Poverty which spanned over six weeks. The young people who were involved in the project learned about poverty in Ireland and internationally.The group discussed this topic and and created beautiful paintings which represented how poverty would feel for them.

These postcards were sent around Limerick City to create awareness of the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty which fell on the 17th of October. A special thanks to the student volunteers from the School of Art and Design, LIT and the Department of Social Protection who has funded this project.
Here are some examples of their fantastic and inspirational work! 🙂
poverty project. poverty project

senior art hub charcoal images

The junior art hub has been working on a project called “when i grow up” and as you can see they all have great futures ahead of them!

junior art hub (1)

Below you can see the junior art hub who have been preparing for the holidays by creating these lovely christmas trees.

art junior xmas trees

All the little artists having a great time!

And here is one of their super clay creations!

Art Hub Senior Clay Figure

There is plenty of opportunity for the young people involved in art hub here at the Learning Hub Limerick to try out many different ways to be creative!

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