Tech stuff: Ipads and Tablets

A quick guide for parents on electronic tablets this Christmas,
from The Staff at the Learning Hub Limerick
Here’s a range of available tablets to buy this Christmas. As we are totally unbiased here at the Hub we wanted to share the great deals on the many products out there.
NABI 2 7″ Tablet – 8 GB
An easy to use Android Tablet, it’s built for kids, so it is rugged, it has protective case included, it can take a knock or two, it’s a bit heavy for carrying around compared to others, but that probably a good thing for kids, we wouldn’t want anything too flimsy or fragile.
It comes with some really good pre installed apps, some of which are quite useful for parents themselves so this one isn’t just for the kids.
It’s fast and powerful, it can play games, watch films and all the good stuff. One reviewer said their two year old “kicked it across the room”and it still worked fine.
Ports Included: headphone, Sd card, hdmi, micro usb
It also has a camera.
PowerCity/Smyths – €179

Google Nexus 7 – 16GB

Up to date, modern, easy to update, slick design, and sturdy. It’s quite advanced. Probably one for older kids/teenagers, and it won’t be out of date any time soon with plenty of updates available.

It has a good, long lasting battery, and is getting very good reviews.


Littlewoods Ireland – €219

Nook HD (Barnes and Noble)

Only available online. Not being made any more & content/apps limited, especially for us here in Ireland so may be a bit of a gamble as it’s likely new content will not be made available. This should drive the price down though so keep an eye on it.  Otherwise it has got good reviews, you can create multiple profiles on it and create a profile for kids, so it is easy to control access and what content is available.

Littlewoods Ireland – 8GB – €109

16GB – €139


Not sure if we need to go into details, love them or hate them they have the market cornered to the extend that all tablets and e-readers are generally called iPads, regardless of brand. Here’s the current prices anyway:

Currys/Argos – iPad Mini 16GB – €299

Currys – iPad 2 16GB – €389

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

A reliable brand, a ” budget friendly” tablet so no unnecessary trim or features, probably biggest rival to apple, and it will have all the features and apps one could need. It’s easy to use and fast and powerful. It’s light and quite small meaning it’s very portable. However, this means it is not the most durable or tough tablet out there but protective cases can always be added.

Includes a good camera, not huge quality photography but fine for quick and fun snaps.

There is an Sd Card port for extra space which is a good plus.


Smyths –  €174 (Currently on Offer)

Currys – €179

Leap Pad

A good for Juniors, it is more of introductory tablet for ages 2-7, games and apps can  be downloaded that are more challenging and advanced. It’s a nice educational tool for younger kids, and it is easy to personalise. It runs on batterys so best to buy rechargable batteries. It can also be plugged in so it can still be used at home or school when the batteries are being charged.


Smyths – €80

Ultra Model with Wifi €124

(On offer)

Find More information Here:

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