Music to our ears!

Every Monday and Tuesday from three to six o’ clock, children from near and far visit the Hub to participate in “Music Hub”. The children’s age varies from junior infants to third year. Participants have an amazing opportunity to experience valuable musical knowledge and skills. The hub selects unique and smashingly talented tutors to guide them into the wonderful world of sound! The Hubs very own musical leader James, with the help of his bopping team, encourages the “little rockers” in their exceptional way to broaden their musical horizons. Every week the kids get the opportunity to learn and play various instruments such as; the guitar, ukulele, piano, drums, bongos, hip hop beats and their own vocals.


James and his little rockers!  Soon they will be “Rockin’ all over the world!!”


A piece of equipment the children use


Three of our devoted tutors, James, Andrew (first left) for whom Music Hub is “a lovely experience” and Patrick (in the middle) who does not only look like a king, but is also called ‘the King of Ukulele’ by the kids . “I love it, love it, love it, love it! I thinks its amazing!” Patrick shouted when asked how does he find this whole experience. As you can see, the tutors love it and the children have  amazing fun playing the instruments and singing along with them!

Music Hub is an unique musical experience that awakes children’s imagination and helps explore their talents!

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