Today we got a chance to observe some of the kickboxing that goes on here at the Learning Hub. The kickboxing is co-ordinated by Paul O’Brien and runs frequently throughout the week.

Paul, the kick-boxing extroardinare.

Paul, the kick-boxing extroardinare.

They started off with some warm-up exercises and stretches to get the body moving and the blood pumping, they then form into lines and practice some punch formations and kick techniques on some of us volunteers, who are holding pads up for them (you would be surprised at the power some of them have considering they’re so small).

Warming up.

Warming up.

We thought it was great to see activities such as kickboxing going on here at the hub, as exercise is an integral part of keeping young kids healthy. Not only does kickboxing keep your body and your heart in great condition, it also provides away to vent any built up stress and aggression in a friendly group environment, which we feel is an underrated benefit to a young persons mental health. The kids always have great fun at the Kickboxing Club with their friends and there’s lots of shouts and laughter.

Some of our volunteers teaching a junior class.

Some of our volunteers teaching a junior class.

Here is a humorous short video we made showing the kickboxing club as an epic movie trailer, its intense!

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