Electrifying fun at the Science Hub!

Science Hub logo

Learning Hub’s scientist Seán O’Brien coordinates all the activities here at the Science Hub.

Seán O'Brien

Our fantastic scientist Seán! 😀 Always greeting us with a friendly face!

Every Wednesday morning local schools visit the hub to participate in either Story Hub or Science hub. The 4th class students eagerly bundle into the science hub. Seán initiates the lesson by asking the students to name all the different forms of energy they know. He continues by demonstrating several brilliant experiments that deal with chemical energy. The students watch on with excitement dancing in their eyes.



Us co-op students step in and guide the children through a series of fun experiments that they participate in. They each fill out a worksheet which they get to take back to school with them.


The students love the colour changing potions, explosions, implosions, fire and Seáns many tricks! There’s often a few screams, shouts and plenty of laughter and enjoyment by all! Don’t worry, no-one ever gets hurt. 🙂

Last week at the Science Hub students showed us how to do two experiments.

  1. Potato battery experiment 
  2. Electro magnet experiment

Below is the Potato Battery Experiment

Don’t forget to Subscribe to the Science Hub’s Youtube channel for tutorials on lots of experiments! We will be updating it constantly with new content so you’ll have lots of impressive videos to enjoy! Click >HERE< to go to the Science Hub’s videos on Youtube! 😀

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