Halloween Camp ’13

Last week, from Tuesday to Thursday, Learning Hub Limerick hosted its annual Halloween camp. The camp was organised and run by our amazing co-op students from UL and LIT, who did a wonderful job!

There was a range of fun activities over the course of the week, including; a science magic show, pumpkin carving, costume making, face painting, cooking, filming. Then on the last day we had our haunted house which we concluded was VERY SCARY!



The camp began on Tuesday with a science magic show where the kids got to witness our magnificent magician Sean at work! He performed a variety of tricks which Harry Potter himself couldn’t master! 

The kids then demonstrated their artistic side when they got the chance to design and carve their very own pumpkins. 

We employed ‘master chefs’ to come in for the day to help us cook delicious chocolate apples and rice krispie buns, decorated halloween shtyle 😉 oh and a jelly brain.  it was very wobbly, haha.



On our second day of camp the children got the chance to get their faces painted like zombies and other spooky creatures! It was a frightful morning!


They also got creative in the art hub and used a wide variety of materials to create their Halloween costumes. 

After a long fun morning of creativity they got to take part in making their own movie trailers as part of film hub.



On Thursday, we held our annual haunted house in the basement here at the Hub. This year, it was more scary than ever before! Perhaps a bit too scary!

The kids were guided through the haunted house by some of our learning buddies, while the others waited in darkness to terrify the kids. :O

There was a lot of shouting and screaming, running and general mayhem. There were even a few tears! There was also a lot of laughing so it’s ok :).

At the end of the day, we had a little party to finish off the camp. There was lots of music, dancing, sweets and prizes, and everybody got a goodie bag to bring home at the end. 

Overall, the camp was a huge success! The kids really enjoyed themselves and so did our co-op students and everybody who helped out. The standard has been set for next years camp. Lets hope the next group of students are up to the task!



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