Month: October 2013

Story Hub Junior

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Some useful resources and some ideas for expanding on Story Hub for younger students in the near future. It can also be an interesting activity for Homework Club.

Story Hub Junior

The interactive whiteboard in Digihub can be an excellent tool to use for story creation and character building. For younger students it is always better to use a range of media and activity. I am finding a few interesting online interactive activities that may prove very useful, we can surely refine them and adapt them to suit our goals.

This is a simple and very easy to use example.
Story Starters

The main idea is to keep it as simple and stimulating as possible, while also encouraging every student to participate.

The best idea is to focus on one aspect of Story Hub, Character design probably being the best option. It offers a wide range of possibilities and one the younger students can definitely work with. A useful way to do this is to create an activity based on Mr/Mrs. Potato Head. Starting with a blank shell of a character and allowing students to physically add the characters’ look and traits. This can be done in any room with a large poster of a character outline with stick on traits (on card), either readymade or to be made by the students. The traits can be shaping the very basic story.

There is also the option of the interactive whiteboard with an online character design tool or indeed with ipads/tablets. I am sure there is also a way to link the two together.

Mr. Potato Head (Limited) 

Blank Character design idea:



If you know of any better, more useful templates or images do share!


This is an interesting app that looks great, I’ll try it out and see if it does what it advertised. Also please add or pass on any others you know of that may be useful or interesting.

Story Creations App (Video)

A very short and simple story can be created out of the character, based around the basic “something happens” idea of storytelling. Although the character design activity may be enough.

The end product should be the same as Story Hub; the students knowing they have created something and have something to take away with them, whether this is a hard or digital copy of the character with their credit attached.

These ideas are a staring point and it would be fantastic to put together a lesson plan structure with the best resources that will be ready to put into use.


Some blogs to inspire our new bloggers.

The fun side of blogging…

Crappy Pictures

“I started this whole thing because I was going crazy and needed a place to vent. Since I don’t have a photographer following me around* I wound up drawing some crappy pictures to illustrate the day to day things that happen as a parent. Apparently these things happen to other parents too!  I’m just as shocked as anyone.  And very relieved.”



The Rattle & The Ram



Great examples of the potential of a blog and the benefit of images and themes.

Milk Moon


Lost and Found Images

(Photography blog)


Welcome to the Learning Hub Blog

Here’s a start but there is much more to come, blogs will show all the work and all the learning that takes place at The Learning Hub Limerick and will be shared on the Learning Hub’s social media accounts. Blogs will be updated regularly with stories and images from each of the hubs.

Here’s an example of what’s to come.

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