Get your very own Pigtown Fling CDs at The Hub!

Please support Pigtown Fling and Learning Hub Limerick by purchasing the CDs in the photos below. CDs are €10.00 and are available here at The Hub or at Moviedrome, Kyle House, Henry Street, Limerick. Money collected will be used for The Music Hub at Learning Hub Limerick. It is the ideal Christmas gift for everyone! Enjoy!
Moviedrome Contact Details:
Tel: (061) 313 377
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sat: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sun: 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm
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Creative Freeware Links

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Party On, Homework Club!

We had The Homework Club yesterday, Tuesday 22nd of October, for Creative Writing with a twist! We got into the Halloween spirit to write about, and draw, some ghoulish characters. Spooky music filled the room getting us into a party mood as we dug into jellies and Taytos. Some of the children even got in the mood to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller (link below)! Thank you Yvonne and Antoinette, from the Northside Family Resource Centre, for making it a special occasion for all. It was also one of the girls, Jade’s, birthday yesterday! We hope you had a great day! Have a great mid-term next week and be sure not to scare anyone too badly whilst Trick or Treating. See you soon! Mwahahaha!

Honey at The Hub

On Wednesday morning, the 15th of October,  7 wooden frames were taken out of The Learning Hub’s beehive. (Images courtesy of Bernie Hannan. Thanks, Bernie!)

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The beehive itself was formed 6 months ago with the introduction of 500 bees. There are now up to 10,000 of them in residence. Inside the hive are 4 chambers in which the wooden frames sit. From the 7 frames taken out of it today, 16 jars of honey were collected! Sweet! In addition to that, 2 big tubs of beeswax were gathered! You never know, we may make Learning Hub-style candles out of it yet!

Bee Hive

Swipe Workshops!

We at The Learning Hub are having fun with Photoshop! The pictures below are an example of the images that we will be working with during the upcoming workshops. You can fly through the air like Superman, climb the tallest cliffs or appear on the Moon! The possibilities are endless! We look forward to seeing the results!


Happy and Hallowe’en in Creative Writing!

Yesterday we had The Homework Club back with us in Creative Writing. We decided to split them into two groups. One group took a break from the spookiness of our ghost stories and we let their creativity flow into a variety of spectacular drawings of castles and animals. The kids were then able to take their work home with them. Some of the ideas for their Happily Ever After stories can be seen below:

Creative Writing Happy

The other group relished the chance to continue with the ghost stories they gave us ideas for last week.


Many a zombie, ghost and vampire appeared and had their moment in the spotlight as our young writers thwarted them in various adventures. We would like to thank the members of the Northside Family Resource Centre for their support and we hope they had fun writing happy and spooky stories too!